Below, we offer detailed information on the types of cookies used in BCNPharma:
Cookies are a tool used by Web servers to store and retrieve information about their visitors, allowing us to identify you during your visit to BCNPharma online. It is a unique identifier in the form of a text file which some servers refer to the user device, thus allowing to improve both the quality and safety of the website. You should note that cookies can not harm your computer and also which are active help us identify and resolve errors. They have an expiration date, which can range from the duration of the session until a specified future date, after which they will not operate.
Analytical Cookies: those that have a purpose periodic maintenance, ensuring the best possible service to users and collect statistics of activity.
Cookies are strictly necessary: those that facilitate correct navigation, allowing to make payment for goods or requested by the user, or services that serve cookies to ensure that web content is loaded correctly.
Third Party Cookies: those used by social networks or external plugins content. They enable the user to provide information on our website on other pages.
The user can freely decide whether or not the introduction to your hard drive of the cookies used on BCNPharma. In this regard, you can configure your own browser to accept or reject all cookies or to receive notice of the reception of each cookie and decide at that time whether or not your device. Next, we inform you how to accept or decline cookies via your default browser:
Internet Explorer
1- Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
2- Click the Privacy tab and then click Sites.
3- In the Address of website box, type the full address (URL) of the Web site whose privacy settings want to customize.
4- Then click Block or Allow.
5- Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each website you want to unlock or allow. When finished, click OK twice.
for Safari
1. Access the "Safari" menu
2.-Enter in "Preferences".
3- Click on the Security tab and can set cookies.
for Chrome
1- Click the Chrome menu
2 Select Settings.
3- Click Show Advanced Options.
4- In the "Privacy" section, click the Settings button content.
5- In the "Cookies" section, you can set the options listed below:
- Delete cookies
- Blocking cookies by default
- Allow cookies by default
- Include exceptions cookie specific domains or websites.
for Firefox
1- Click the Tools button, and then click Options.
2- Click the Privacy tab.
3- In the History section, select "Use custom settings for history".
4- Check the box to accept cookies and click to select Exceptions websites (always or never) authorized to install cookies on your device.
for Opera
1- Options> Advanced> Cookies
2- cookies options to control how Opera handles. The default is to accept all cookies.
- All I was allowed (default)
- Accept cookies only from the site visited (third-party cookies, paradominiosexternos are rejected to which you are visiting
- Not accept cookies ever (all rejected)
Important: To learn more about how to activate the "private mode" please read the help section of your browser. If your browser is in "private mode" browsing of our site may not be optimal and some utilities can not function effectively.